Question 1 : I want to buy spares for my bike, How do I pay?

Answer : We accept all the payments through a secured payment gateway - Paypal. Mostly all the credit cards are accepted at Paypal, so you need to have a Paypal account. It would be opened in a seconds and it is the most trusted and secured payment gateway. We do accept other modes of Payment as wire transfers  .

Question 2 : How come the spares sold by are so cheap- Are they Genuine or Duplicate parts?

Answer : We are restoration experts and wholesalers of Royal Enfield spares and accessories. Nobody can understand the spares better than us. We only sell  productsby reputed manufacturers like SWISS, MINDA, SAMRAT, LUCAS to name few.

Question 3 : Do you ship Worldwide?

Answer : Yes we ship worldwide. We are doing this for our regular customers since years and they get the delivery right at their doorstep. We have a tie up with reputed logistics partners like DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, ARAMEX and others.

Question 4 : Which mode of Shipping do you prefer?

Answer :We use Indian postal service SURFACE MODE to keep the cost bear minimum. If you want fast shipping service please do let us know in advance for shipping the parcels.

Parcel usually takes 7 TO 15 days to reach destination in India and 15 to 30 day to rest of the world depending on the location.

*Parcel would be delivered at your doorstep.

*All the parcel are non traceable. You would be mailed the scanned copy of the booking slip as an assurance that your parcel has ben shipped .We make money on spares not on Shipping.

Question 5 : I have seen the same product listed by you and other seller but with the lower shipping cost to my country?

Answer : Please ask for country specific rates and see for yourself who is cheaper. Just mail us and compare before buying.

Question 6 : I had ordered a spare and it has been 15 days, I had paid for Standard Shipping ( Cheaper postage)?

Answer : It is an isolated case but we cannot in any way control the Indian Postal Service or how long it takes them to get to you.We do our part by shipping almost immediately upon cleared payment. But our customers get the low value spares maximum in 15 days. We can send you the proof of dispatch on request. Most probably you would get the parcel in day or two.

Question 7 : I am looking for a spare for my Motorcycle but I cannot see it in your Store?

Answer : Try to search the spare you are looking for in Search Box with titles and description selected. If you still cannot find the one you are looking for. Request for the spare and we would list the spare in 24 hours provided you ask for Royal Enfield Spares. Please do not ask us for spares of any other Bike.

Question 8 : I am struck up and want a spare desperately, it is listed/ not listed in your Store?

Answer : Incase of emergency we are always there standing by you. Just by the Spare if it is listed at the Store and checkout with Other Courier/ Expedited Shipping and drop us a mail with the Suject Emergency and we would make sure you Get the spare by quickest mode without any extra charge.

Question 9 : I want to buy a spare listed at your Store for some other Motorcyle than Royal Enfield?

Answer : We know that many spares can be used in other British Bikes, but you have to check with yourself or some expert before doing it. We cannot guarantee you that it would work. We do not have any responsibility for fittings and problems caused there of. We guarantee all our spares for Royal Enfield Bikes only.

Question 10: I have seen a Fuel Tank , Seat/ Saddle bags at your Store, but I need it another colour?

Answer : We would love to customize the Fuel Tanks, Seats and Saddle bags as per your order.

Question 11 : Do I have to custom duties for the spares I have purchased from your Store?

Answer : We cannot guarantee you that you would not be charged any custom duties in your country, however it is our experience that small value personal shipments rarely attract customs duties. Customs charges/duties if any applicable have to be paid by the customers.

Incase we have missed something, which is still on your mind mail us.